A time-looping game set in the world of Hamlet, Elsinore, combines a story that reacts to the player with a world of unique characters, all with their own hidden goals.

In Elsinore, you play Ophelia, upon receiving a vision showing that everyone in Elsinore will die in 4 days. 

Ophelia is stuck in a 4 day loop, forced to repeat the same 4 days over and over again, trying everything she can to change the future.

The gameplay is presented in a point-and-click adventure style, where the world progresses in real time. 

Every choice you make will cause the world to dynamically change immediately, but it’s up to you to figure out what path will save Elsinore, even if that means hurting those you care about most. 

When the time-loop resets everything Ophelia did is remembered, letting you know someone’s secrets you may not have known before, or knowing about a secret passage, before going through the necessary steps to uncover it a second time.

Elsinore released on July 22nd and can be found here: 


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