Iratus: Lord of the Dead

Iratus is a long imprisoned necromancer that has recently been freed. You take on the role of one of his followers, controlling an army of the undead.

You create new warriors using the dismembered corpse of your foes. Create skeletons, zombies, banshees and more ghastly abominations to spread Iratus’s influence across the realm.

Grow and expand your lair, to help strengthen your servants using dark rituals. 

Your goal is to aid Iratus in reclaiming and surpassing his previous power. 

In Iratus, you are the bad guys. Your task is to defeat the heroes of the story and grow stronger from their deaths. 

There are 16 variants of servants to create. 

Defeat your enemies using magic, physical attacks, or fully draining their sanity. 

Each minion can equip up to 6 abilities, allowing you to mix up the flow of combat. 

If a minion dies, it is gone for good. Permadeath is real. 

Iratus released on July 24th and can be found here:

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